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Since 1980, SMRI, Inc. has studied the art of selling to schools with a focus on marketing to PK-12 schools and districts. We help our clients plan their education marketing strategies, create promotion materials, and target school administrators and teachers through a unique approach to list selection. We are proficient in reaching educators through direct mail, email, third party and social media programs. No other resource can compare to our depth of experience in the PK-12 marketplace.

Marketing ROI Is in Your Past

Jun 27, 2018

That rumor we’ve been hearing for years is simply not true:  "Marketing ROI is in your past." And it never will be, as human nature does not and will not change. And neither will all the chaos in marketing channels from hundreds of marketers trying to get consumers’ attention simultaneously, 24/7.

Direct Mail Comeback

Jun 27, 2018

An article entitled “7 Tips for Better Direct Mail” by Beth Negus Viveiros appeared in a recent edition of the National Postal Forum’s Mailing Industry Update.  The article supports SMRI’s findings that direct mail is undergoing a resurgence as the most productive marketing medium.

FREE Webinar Viewing

Jun 4, 2018

Do school secretaries agree with school marketers as to which are the most effective media for selling products and services to teachers and administrators?

How have school market sales changed over the last five years?

Which segment of the school market industry has fared best in sales, and which have not?

What are the tried and true best practices for marketing to schools and educators?

The answer to these and many more questions are presented in a new webinar that was created especially for members of the Education Book and Media Association and you can view it FREE by going to