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Since 1980, SMRI, Inc. has studied the art of selling to schools with a focus on marketing to PK-12 schools and districts. We help our clients plan their education marketing strategies, create promotion materials, and target school administrators and teachers through a unique approach to list selection. We are proficient in reaching educators through direct mail, email, third party and social media programs. No other resource can compare to our depth of experience in the PK-12 marketplace.

Brand vs Direct Marketing

Different Strokes

Oct 6, 2016

Brand marketing and direct marketing are opposites.  Brand marketing can be extremely effective when conducted at an appropriate level.  But it requires a certain “mass” before its effectiveness kicks in.

Ed Market on the Move

Q2 Sales Chugging Along

Aug 2, 2016

Our second quarter survey was conducted in July 2016, the results are in, and they are good.  Respondents report Q2 2016 sales up +7% after a first quarter where sales were up +8%.  The economy and marketing strategies were the top picks to explain why sales were up.  Year-to-date 2016 sales were reported up by +8%.  Sixty-seven percent of respondents plan no change to their advertising and promotion budgets while another 30% plan budget increases averaging +8%.

Trends in Bullying at School Among Students Ages 12 to 18

Jul 28, 2016

The National Center for Education Statistics, in the Institute of Education Sciences, has released a Data Point entitled Trends in Bullying at School Among Students Ages 12 to 18. Data from the School Crime Supplement (SCS) to the National Crime Victimization Survey, a nationally representative sample survey of students ages 12 through 18, were used to examine trends in bullying at school. The SCS study is completed every other year. Data from five consecutive surveys are included in this report.

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