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Ed Market Q2: A Bump in the Comeback Road

Rethinking Trump Administration Impact

Jul 31, 2017

Results are in from our 2017 second quarter survey of school marketers and they show a slow rate of growth.  Overall second quarter 2017 sales were up +1% from last year.  This follows a Q1 2017 that was reported up +3%. The school market appears to be experiencing a slower course of growth.

Latest Census Data Puts New York at Top of School Spending List

Jun 20, 2017

At a cost of $21,206 per student, New York spends 86 percent more than the national average on its schools, according to the latest Census report, which was noted by the fiscally conservative Empire Center.

K-12 Principals' Assessment of Education

2017 Edition

Jun 8, 2017

MCH Strategic Data (MCH) recently released the K-12 Principals’ Assessment of Education report which contains survey data from close to 1,000 K-12 public school principals. The report captures insights and trends of changing conditions and circumstances in schools and districts across the United States.