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Marketing ROI Is in Your Past

Jun 27, 2018

By Jeanette McMurtry, Excerpted from Target Marketing

That rumor we’ve been hearing for years is simply not true:  "Marketing ROI is in your past." And it never will be, as human nature does not and will not change. And neither will all the chaos in marketing channels from hundreds of marketers trying to get consumers’ attention simultaneously, 24/7.

What is true is that every 60 seconds more than:

·   156 million emails are sent

·   29 million messages are processed on What’s App

·   350,000 tweets are sent

·   243,000 photos are uploaded on FB; 70,000 hours of video contents is watched

·   400 hours of video are uploaded on Youtube

·   3.8 million searches take place on Google

And a lot more.

What’s not true is the decade-long rumor that print is dead. And it's not going to happen anytime soon, if ever.

In fact, print is one of the most powerful channels for engaging consumers with brand messages that lead to more fulfilling brand experiences, according to the Data and Marketing Association’s 2016 response rate report and other sources:

·   Direct mail outperforms digital for response nearly 2X!

·   Print achieves 30% more recall than digital.

Most of us thought print died when email took over with nearly 4 billion people worldwide using email.

But we humans are a tactile species. We thrive on being able to touch things, and physically engage with the stimuli around us vs. observe from the other side of a screen. We like to hug those we love vs. send a digital wave. We like to touch the silky coat of our pets vs. just post cute photos on our screen savers. We like to touch paper books and turn the pages, and feel the weight of the story yet to unfold in our hands.

When we engage our senses beyond just sight, and actually touch things, we concentrate more and end up feeling more emotionally fulfilled. The response rate and sales volume generated by printed sales-oriented communications such as direct mail and catalog, is powerful and does not show any signs of letting up. In fact, 90 million consumers in the U.S. make purchases from print catalogs and spend on average $850 annually, and printed direct mail commands a higher response than email, as mentioned earlier.

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