School Marketers Struggle with Covid Impact in Q3

Comeback Anticipated for Fourth Quarter 2020

Oct 27, 2020

By Bob Stimolo

Overall, school marketers anticipate a comeback in the fourth quarter of this year.  Few companies expect a complete return to “normalcy” by year-end.  Nevertheless, virtually all school marketers believe they will see an improving trend and a much better fourth quarter.

The third quarter was a disappointment for the majority of school marketers.  Most were hopeful that schools would begin to reopen and sales would begin to return to normal.  However, a large number of school systems went to all or partly remote teaching.  In many cases, teachers went to school and students stayed home on their computers, resulting in a continued decline in the sale of educational materials.

The Covid-19 Pandemic was forecast to drop Ed Market third quarter sales by -13%.  However, survey respondents reported actual sales declines of -21%.  The overall sales forecast for Q4 is -11% indicating that the majority of school marketers are anticipating that the market will start to comeback before year-end.  The forecast for full year 2020 is -21%.

Remote Learning and the Economy Take the Blame

When asked what reasons school marketers attributed to third quarter sales, 81% said it was due to remote learning, 48% also blamed the overall economy.  Almost half of respondents reported that they were taking some steps toward developing their product line to accommodate remote learning.  Over 40% reported they were taking many steps to do so.  Altogether over 90% of respondents are trying to accommodate remote learning in their product lines.

Less Competition in the Mailbox

For those companies that mail in January of 2021 there will be a significant decrease in competition in the mailbox.  Fifty-one percent of survey respondents said they have no plans to make a January mailing.  Another 26% plan to mail a smaller quantity than January of 2020.  Only 4% intend to increase their mail quantities.  At the same time, more than three-quarters (77%) of the respondents anticipate that sales will improve by the fall of 2021.

Sales representatives remain the most effective advertising and promotion media with 36% of respondents saying so.  Remote teaching helped email outpace direct mail as the most effective advertising and promotion media 25% to 17%.

Much More Data When You Participate

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