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A Tough Q2 for School Marketers

Actual Q2 Sales 9% Better Than Forecast

Aug 14, 2020

By Bob Stimolo

The Covid19 Pandemic was forecast to drop Ed Market second quarter sales by 35%.  However, survey respondents reported actual sales declines of 26%.  The overall sales forecast for Q3 is -13% and the 2020 full year forecast is -17%.  That is encouraging in light of the many unknowns regarding school openings and the amount of remote teaching that will take place.

A Hopeful 3rd Quarter Forecast

Clearly, all respondents are forecasting a hopeful third quarter.  Last year, Q3 was the strongest quarter overall with actual sales reported up by +7%.  Our feeling here at SMRI is that schools have to order materials this quarter even if they are planning some or all remote education.

Less Competition in the Mailbox - More Emphasis on Remote Learning

For those companies that do mail in the fall of 2020 or January of 2021 there will be a significant decrease in competition in the mailbox.  Almost half of all respondents are taking steps to align their product lines to accommodate remote learning.

Email Outpaces Direct Mail

Sales representatives remain the most effective advertising and promotion media.  Remote teaching helped email outpace direct mail as more effective at advertising and promotion.

Much More Data When You Participate

Survey participants receive much more data.  In addition to overall survey results, they receive breakdowns by industry type including publishing, school supplies, and furniture.  Also, they receive breakouts by market type including elementary, middle/junior, and senior high school.  All individual survey responses are kept in strict confidence.

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