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These Governors Are Calling for Teacher Pay Raises

Mar 5, 2019

Amid threatened teacher strikes and budget surpluses, more than 15 governors so far this year have recommended that their state boost teachers’ pay, according to an Education Week analysis of State of the State addresses.

In states across the South and West - including in Arizona, Idaho, and West Virginia, where chronically low teacher pay has inflamed teacher shortages and caused political angst - governors are urging legislators in proposed budgets to provide teachers next year with anywhere from a 2 percent raise in North Dakota to a 20 percent raise in Arizona.

Other governors, such as in Arkansas and Maine, want to raise their state’s minimum pay for teachers.

It’s still too early to tell what the final picture will look like, since at least seven governors have yet to make their State of the State speeches. And there’s no guarantee that all teachers will get a pay raise this fall even if governors push for it. Some states, such as Nevada and Pennsylvania, don’t have statewide teacher pay scales, so it’s up to districts to actually allocate any extra money toward teacher pay.

Governors Comments on Teacher Pay 1

Governors Comments on Teacher Pay 2

Governors Comments on Teacher Pay 3

Source:  Education Week analysis, National Education Association salary data, local news reports.