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Since 1980, SMRI, Inc. has studied the art of selling to schools with a focus on marketing to PK-12 schools and districts. We help our clients plan their education marketing strategies, create promotion materials, and target school administrators and teachers through a unique approach to list selection. We are proficient in reaching educators through direct mail, email, third party and social media programs. No other resource can compare to our depth of experience in the PK-12 marketplace.

New Data on Enrollment and Staffing in Public Schools and Districts

Jan 31, 2019

In the 2016-17 school year, the number of students for every full-time equivalent teacher in public schools was 16.0, unchanged from the previous school year.

Matching and Modeling

Tools to Improve Your Marketing Results

Jan 10, 2019

 Based on our quarterly survey, most school marketers would say that the most effective media for growing revenues are sales representatives and direct mail.  Fielding a sales force and creating direct mail campaigns are expensive propositions.  Today, we have available to us a number of tools to improve our chances to have a successful return on investment from our marketing efforts.  For many school marketers these tools are unknown, misunderstood, or more importantly, underutilized.

How to Build a Solid Forecast

More on Forecasting

Nov 12, 2018

Accurate forecasts are important to running a business efficiently.  If your forecast is too high, more money is invested in having products (or services) available to meet the anticipated demand than is necessary, reducing the company’s profitability.  On the other hand, if the forecast is too low, there is not enough product (or service staff) to fulfill orders resulting in delayed shipments, cancelled orders and unhappy customers, again affecting the company’s profitability.  Yet, forecasting can be challenging, especially in the education market.  Here are some thoughts that might make forecasting for your company a little easier.