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Since 1980, SMRI, Inc. has studied the art of selling to schools with a focus on marketing to PK-12 schools and districts. We help our clients plan their education marketing strategies, create promotion materials, and target school administrators and teachers through a unique approach to list selection. We are proficient in reaching educators through direct mail, email, third party and social media programs. No other resource can compare to our depth of experience in the PK-12 marketplace.

Now's the Time to Act:  The Ed Buying Season is About to Begin
SMRI has encouraged you to hold back your catalogs and direct mail as the pandemic has played out. Instead we advocated email campaigns to your house files and best prospects. Now is the time to launch direct mail. Until now, educators have postponed their Spring purchases, but that is about to change. You need to have your promotion materials in schools and district offices this summer. If you would like to know what others are doing or seek advice on what you should do, please email Bob at to schedule a free conference call.

2020 Q1 Sales Down -4%, Full Year Forecast -17%

School marketers bracing for a -35% hit in Q2.

Apr 27, 2020

We are all feeling the pain from COVID-19 and bracing for a tough second quarter. Survey participants reported sales down by -4% for Q1 2020, -7 points below the forecast of +3%.

Public Elementary School Enrollments Projected to Grow by 1 Million Students!

Most of that growth will be in just 10 states.

Apr 21, 2020

According to the Projections for Education Statistics to 2027, published by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), student enrollments for all grades in public schools will increase by 2.1% from 2020 to 2027.  Enrollments in grades PK-8 will grow by 2.7%.  Enrollments in grades 9-12 will decline by 1.0%.

Starting Times for U.S. Public High Schools

Mar 2, 2020

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) released a new study of school start times for public high schools in the United States by selected characteristics and state.