Helping to bring quality education materials and services to schools for over 30 years.

Creative and Production

Specifically Designed For The School Market

SMRIINC Creative and ProductionTake the hassle out of your next promotion and give it the best chance for success. SMRI creative concepts are specifically designed to motivate buyers in the school market. Working with a variety of clients each year keeps us on the cutting edge of what works and what doesn’t.


SMRI’S Full Line of Creative Services Include:

  • Copy and Design
  • Photography and Illustration
  • Electronic Mechanicals
  • Economical Printing
  • Dependable Lettershop Services
  • Web Site Design and Maintenance

Additional Expertise Is Free!

Unlike other all-purpose agencies, SMRI is prepared to provide additional services for our creative clients at no additional cost. Receive expert advice regarding:

  • What to Mail:Marketing strategies including e-marketing, promotion formats premium programs, motivational offers, product placement, and much more!
  • Who to Mail:Advice on the most responsive market segments for your situation
  • When to Mail:Which dates in what season will work best.
  • How to Mail:Techniques that will get your mail noticed, motivate response, and maximize trackability.

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