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Digital Marketing

Expand Your Marketing With The Latest Technology

Teachers access digital content every day. Research shows that 97% of educators in grades 2 through 12 use some form of digital technology in the classroom.

Here’s How To Connect With Teachers

SMRI is on the cutting edge of reaching educators through digital marketing including:

EMAIL MARKETING is a very cost-effective medium when it is used properly. SMRI will recommend who, when, and how often to email to give your e-marketing the best chance for success. We’ll provide deliverable contacts, high-capacity deployment, detailed reporting and analysis of the results.

THIRD PARTY EMAILS are a great way to reach educators who subscribe to a variety of newsletters and websites offering free teaching resources. These educators have opted in to receive messages from other companies such as yours. You provide a link in your message that takes interested educators directly to your landing page. SMRI is prepared to completely manage the process for you.

WHITE PAPER LEAD GENERATION is an excellent way to develop high quality leads. SMRI represents highly respected sources such as Education Week with turnkey white paper programs.

SOCIAL MEDIA allows for a multi-channel marketing approach that can include social, web, and email marketing. SMRI represents all the major education social media networks including:

  • The Mailbox
  • EdWeb
  • WeAreTeachers

Take Your Marketing To The Next Level

Let SMRI help you take your marketing to the next level using the latest technology. We’re prepared to analyze your particular situation and recommend a digital marketing approach to fit your budget. For more information on any of these digital marketing programs, contact SMRI toll free at 800-838-3444 or email with the subject “Digital Marketing”.

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