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Postal and Email Lists

Keep Up With An Ever Changing Marketplace

SMRIINC Postal and Email ListsCompetition for education dollars is greater than ever before.  Keep pace with this fast moving marketplace and get your products and services in front of the right educators at the right time.



Increase Profits With SMRI’s List Strategies

SMRI is uniquely qualified to help you improve your results with:

  • Experience and Knowledge: Benefit from SMRI’s knowledge obtained through over 30 years of mailing thousands of school promotions each season.
  • Best Lists From EVERY Source: We’re not limited to one data base or list source. SMRI will customize your mailing with the best lists and selections from every list source available.
  • Low Prices: SMRI offers competitive pricing and volume discounts. You pay no more than if you ordered direct from the list source.
  • Peace of Mind: We do ALL the work! SMRI will make list recommendations, place the orders, follow-up, and oversee the merge/purge so you mail on time every time!

Complete Services Include:

  • List Brokerage: We recommend the best of both response and/or compiled lists from every database available customized for your situation.
  • Merge/Purge: Our merge/purge is designed specifically for schools and effectively eliminates duplicate records from combined list sources.
  • Customer Profiling: We’ll pinpoint school characteristics that identify good prospects.
  • Predictive Modeling: By analyzing your promotion history, we’ll rank all schools from best to worst, then use this data to predict future promotion results, cut costs, and improve profits!
  • List Management Services: Create a new revenue source when SMRI promotes and rents your customer file to other non-competitive school marketers.

SMRI Managed Lists

Downloadable PDF data cards for all SMRI managed lists are available by selecting from the list below:

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