Mailing Lists

The number of selection criteria for schools and educators is overwhelming. Yet, only a few selections affect sales results. You can benefit from the hundreds of tests we have conducted in the education market. We focus on those schools and educators most likely to respond.

Purchasing by schools and districts is often a complicated process. Few sales are the result of a decision by a single person. Our years of experience have given us insights regarding which personnel should be included in the purchasing process.

You receive lists from the best sources and you may qualify for volume discounts. You will receive a detailed list recommendation free of charge. You never pay more than you would if you ordered your lists direct.

Our list services include:

  • House File Data Cleansing
  • List Brokerage
  • Matchback and Sales Analysis
  • Merge/Purge and Deduplication

SMRI is uniquely qualified to improve your results with:

Experience and Knowledge - Benefit from SMRI's knowledge obtained through over 40 years of mailing thousands of school promotions each season.

Peace of Mind - We do ALL the work! SMRI will make list recommendations, place the orders, follow through, and oversee the merge/purge process so you mail on time every time.