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Take The Guess-Work Out Of Your Marketing

Marketing strategies should be based on reliable data, not personal opinions or best-guess scenarios. Surveys are a great source of data, but to be reliable, surveys must be carefully planned, implemented, and analyzed. School Market Research Institute is your best source for customized surveys guaranteed to get you a wealth of information that can be used to dramatically improve your marketing strategies. SMRI’s research is tailored to your particular situation and the type of information you seek and includes:

  • Creation of survey questions
  • Distribution of survey by mail and/or electronically
  • Collection and organization of data
  • Complete results and analysis in printed form

Two Important Surveys Available From School Market Research Institute

In addition to customized surveys for clients, School Market Research Institute conducts market research on an on-going basis. This keeps us on the cutting edge of market trends and gives us the ability to advise clients based on the latest market data available. See how you can take advantage of this information!

Quarterly Survey of School Marketers

It’s important to know where you stand in the marketplace compared to your competition. For over 25 years SMRI has conducted surveys of school marketers to determine: 

  • Market trends and changes
  • How results compare to prior year
  • What marketers expect for the coming year
  • And MUCH MORE!

Results are segmented by company type (school supplies, furniture companies, publishing, technology, and professional development). You also receive results split between preschools/day cares, elementary, middle/jr., senior high, college and public/school library markets. No one else receives this detailed data. All individual results are kept in strict confidence. Sign up to receive an invitation to participate in our next survey.

School Secretary Survey

School secretaries have their finger on the pulse of school purchasing. Every 2 years SMRI surveys school secretaries to determine:

  • Any changes in school purchasing habits
  • How educators learn about products and services
  • Spending for the next school year
  • Best times to mail
  • And MUCH MORE!

Results are FREE to subscribers of School Marketing Newsletter where they are published.

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