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The Five-Year Forecast for Education

A More Promosing 5 Years Ahead

Sep 23, 2019

By Bob Stimolo

The last five years have been a challenge for many companies selling educational products and services.  Overall enrollments and the number of teachers grew by less than one percent.  Public school pupil teacher ratios declined slightly and teacher new hires grew by just over one percent.

Competition for Discretionary Funds

In addition, competition for education discretionary funds has grown.  The growth of technology in education, challenges by teacher unions for overdue pay increases, efforts by the U.S. Secretary of Education to increase funding for school choice have all taken their toll.

The Next 5 Years are More Promising

The next five years look a bit more promising according to the National Center for Education Statistics.  While PK-8 enrollments are expected to remain relatively flat, enrollment in 9-12 schools is projected to grow by almost 3%.  More promising is the projected growth in the number of teachers by almost 4% in public schools and almost 2% in private schools.  Of especial interest is the projected growth in the number of new teacher hires - over 4% overall, with 3.8% growth in the public sector and 6.4% in the private sector.

2019 5 year ed projections chart

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