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New Data on Enrollment and Staffing in Public Schools and Districts

Jan 31, 2019

In the 2016-17 school year, the number of students for every full-time equivalent teacher in public schools was 16.0, unchanged from the previous school year.

Recently, the National Center for Education Statistics released a new set of data, the 2016-17 Common Core of Data Universe files.  These files provide new data concerning public elementary and secondary education in the United States collected through NCES’ Common Core of Data program.

These data show that there were 98,331 operating public elementary and secondary schools and 18,344 operating local education agencies in 2016-17.  Those schools were attended by 50.5 million public elementary and secondary school students, which is an increase of less than 0.1 percent from the student membership in school year 2015-16.

The data files and documentation are available on the CCD website: